Selecting the Best Kitchen Granite Countertops

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kitchen graniteGranite is perhaps the most beautiful countertop material available to the public. It is stunning to look at, incredibly durable and becomes the de facto focal point of a kitchen. In order to get all these benefits and more, you want to make the right decision on what granite style is right for your kitchen. There are many considerations to think about in order to choose the right one for your home. Granite generally falls into six categories mostly determined by the base colours, patterns and shades. These six colours are azul, black, gold and copper, green, rose and white.
Azul granite is a popular choice for many kitchens. It is well known for having many different beautiful blues, a complex and pretty pattern and its natural supporting colours provide a unified palette. It is generally very high quality and has a stunning shine to it.
Black or Absolute Black granite is a very common selection for the kitchen due to its single colour beauty and top quality. It is very highly polished and has a mirror-light bright reflection quality to it. It provides a very bold focal point in a kitchen and brings a serious amount of sophistication to the room
Gold and Copper
Gold and copper granites are ideal for the experience seeker – those who enjoy adventure, action and excitement. With supporting colours generally being white, black and grays, this kind of granite brings a glittery like beauty to the kitchen. It is certainly a head turner as it draws in anyone who sees it.
Green granite is well known for its wide variety of supporting colours. Aqua and blues alongside gray and golds are common, and even some black veins will make their way throughout this colour of granite. With so much colour and variance of those colours, this kind of granite is particularly desired by those who like equal amounts of change and colour in their kitchen.
Rose granite is not something you will see in everyone's home. Not because it is undesirable, the exact opposite actually – it is incredibly rare to find. The colours range from soft pinks to gentle lavenders and any supporting colour, most often gold and white, are equally gentle, soothing and delicate. In some extremely rare cases, rose granite will also feature a dark gray within which creates such a stunningly bold contrast between the two. If you are able to get access to rose granite, definitely consider it for your kitchen countertops.
White granite is generally location-oriented in its popularity. For example, Big White Flower granite is mined in China and Blanco granite is mined in Brazil and Italy. The beautiful features of this kind are that it provides sharp contrast to dark kitchen cabinets and creates a unique appearance.
Once you have selected the colour of granite you are most interested in, you can then move on to the next step of having it customized to meet your countertop demands. Granite countertops are incredible for all kitchens and selection granite for your home will be an excellent choice regardless of the colour you select.